Cinema 4D Noise Texture Reference


I've always liked using procedural noise textures in my 3D work. I was amazed that Cinema 4D had 30 to choose from. But when I first started working with C4D, it was difficult to remember which texture gave which results.

I decided to create a chart of sorts, to help me learn about the differences. It occured to me that others in the C4D community might benefit from this as well, so I'm sharing it here.


The example images in the reference are composed of a standard sphere that has a Sub-Polygon Displacement using the named texture on each page. I used a Subdivision Level of 6 to bring out more detail. The numbers that you see next to each sample represent the changes I made in both the Global Scale of the texture itself, and the height of the Displacement.

To help define the texture a little more, warm lighting comes from above, cool from below, and a short, wide specularity has been applied. The sphere itself has not been scaled from the default size, so if you use the settings you see in the samples, your results should be the same.

Hopefully this will help some others out there who may be new to Cinema 4D and learning the basics of procedural noise.


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To get started, click on any of the texture names in the left column. They are in the same order as the menu in C4D. This is best viewed at 1024x768 or larger. In Internet Explorer or Firefox, hitting F11 will maximize the window.