Creating the Lighting for Resistance: Fall of Man

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Here are a few from the area outside Nottingham, where you've got to make your way up a hill being bombarded with mortar fire:


This is the level that made me cry the most. It was huge.


There were literally thousands of objects, and when the whole area was loaded I got about 1 fps in the editor.


Concept sketch of the area by Rolf Mohr.


Cool shadows in the trenches here


If you despise the salmon-orange color of this particular level, I'm afraid I'm to blame for that. I was trying to duplicate that crazy lighting you get when there's a sunset, but a lot of clouds are above you instead of blue sky. It gives a creepy warm glow to everything, which is even more pronounced when there's a lot of smoke in the air.


The darkest areas are the ones that make the biggest difference of course, especially in a game where you want creepiness.


Some sunlight finds its way into this room.


This shows the lighting by itself (just the lightmaps), without any textures applied to the geometry.


And an early concept sketch for the area by Rolf Mohr.


I always liked the way this area came out...very moody. I used area lights at the windows.


Back outside, with a heavy atmosphere and late sunlight. Kory Hagney, one of the artists said "This level, the Chimeran excavation site was my first “next-gen” attempt and after falling short with many attempts, it finally started to come together. I first approached the layout like a Ratchet level which I found myself fighting every step of the way."


Concept art by Brian Yam.


Bad things happened here.